HRCH Sundown's Loaded To The Maxx
80 pounds of ENERGY
OFA Excellent
CNM Clear
CERF Clear

Click on pic for pedigree
Maxx is an excellant marking dog that works with you. He has a HUGE prey drive and passes this on to his progeny. He runs very straight lines both on marks and blinds. His biggest draw back has been me for a trainer and handler. He got his first FINISHED pass at 14 months old and due to my ups and downs with my health did not get his last one til last year. He went as long as a year without even any formal training and when it picked back up he was at the same point as when his training was suspended. He will run 500 yard marks and blinds. All of his passes for his HRCH title has been under different judges in different parts of the country.He will put GO in your pups..........